A Look at Saturn by Ray Spangenburg; Kit Moser

By Ray Spangenburg; Kit Moser

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Only 243 miles (392 km) in diameter. Thanks to a huge crater that extends across Mimas's face, the looks like a strange, bulging eyeball. This which dominates the moon's cavity, Crater. has towering It Mount higher than The crater (4,000 m) 32,800 cliffs Everest — surface, the tallest is —and moon that was blown the peak formed at its by — one-third of center stands 13,123 must have been caused this small Mimas may once have been to pieces Herschel mountain on Earth. high. Scientists think the crater experts think as (10,000 m) high.

Cassini will continue to orbit Saturn for at least 4 years and carry out close-up studies of as Meanwhile, atmosphere. protect its the many of Saturn's moons Huygens The probe spacecraft's probe will plunge as possible. into Titan's has three parachutes and a heat shield to aluminum body as it falls toward the moon's surface and then gently touches down. If everything goes according to plan, the probe will take transmit them to scientists more than 1,000 photographs of Titan's to the Cassini orbiter, which will surface and then send the images on Earth.

Of forces at work inside These multicolored and outside the Saturn rotates so rapidly that equator, giving the planet a queen of the planets the solar system. within its is The just its planet. atmosphere bulges out pronounced oval shape. 54 hours long LOOK AT S1TUR at the day on the the second-shortest in planet's rapid rotation causes the substances Some bands parallel contain very dense materials, while others contain materials with lower densities. « A atmosphere to separate into colorful bands that run to the planet's equator.

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