A Note on the Spectrum of Doubly Ionized Scandium by Smith S.

By Smith S.

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The code makes it possible to input many different signals and provides control over many plot parameters. The program allows oversampling of the signal with much finer resolution than needed for calculating the delayed signal. This makes it possible to compute a diluted picture (fewer delay–Doppler grid points) of the ambiguity function with low computational effort while sampling the signal with a sufficiently large sampling rate. Because of the symmetry of the AF with respect to the origin, the code plots only two of the four quadrants.

As already stated, the work (or art) of designing radar waveforms is based mostly on experience and expertise obtained through successive designs. This experience is gained by manipulating signal parameters while using special building blocks with desirable mathematical properties. To get more experience with 18 INTRODUCTION the various signals, it is recommended that the MATLAB codes presented in the book be used together with the ambiguity function plotting tool presented in Chapter 3, to change signal parameters and observe the changes in waveform performance.

Woodward, P. , Probability and Information Theory, with Applications to Radar, Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1953. 3 AMBIGUITY FUNCTION The ambiguity function (AF) represents the time response of a filter matched to a given finite energy signal when the signal is received with a delay τ and a Doppler shift ν relative to the nominal values (zeros) expected by the filter. 1) where u is the complex envelope of the signal. A positive ν implies a target moving toward the radar. Positive τ implies a target farther from the radar than the reference (τ = 0) position.

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