A Synopsis of Physiology by A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

By A. Rendle Short, C. L. G. Pratt and C. C. N. Vass (Auth.)

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10. —Bilirubin, isomeric with haematoporphyrin, is formed from haemoglobin by the cells of the reticulo-endothelial system. It is oxidized to biliverdin in the bile-passages. Urobilin and stercobilin are reduction products of biliverdin excreted in the urine and faeces. — 1. —Two absorption bands between D and E lines, also Soret's band in the violet. RED BLOOD-CORPUSCLES 29 2. —One broad band in the green between D and E lines. 3. —Similar to oxyhaemoglobin, but slightly nearer blue end of spectrum.

1. Damage t o endothelial lining of blood-vessel. 2. , air in veins, if n o t absorbed, m a y lead t o clotting. Injection of tissue extracts m a y lead t o clotting, b u t result is variable. B o d y probably protects itself b y forming antithrombase. 3. , in varicose veins. — 1. Increasing area of foreign surface with which blood is in contact. Breaking down of leucocytes and bloodplatelets is hastened b y contact with rough foreign surfaces. 2. Heat. 3. U s e of thrombase solutions or tissue extracts.

1. —Digestion of protein by a specific enzyme in the stomach produces a substance which is absorbed and stored in the liver and elsewhere. This substance is in some unknown way necessary for the maturation of megaloblasts to normoblasts. Evidence : (a) In pernicious anaemia, where the enzyme is missing, there is a great diminution in the number of circulating red blood-corpuscles, although the bone-marrow produces a great excess of megaloblasts ; (b) Pernicious anaemia is relieved by the ingestion of normal liver or its extract ; (c) Removal of large parts of the stomach in man may cause grave anaemia.

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