Advertising to Children by Marcia Amidon Lüsted

By Marcia Amidon Lüsted

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Understanding and creating the next cool item is so important to marketers that companies specializing in advertising to kids have held conferences on understanding cool. By looking at the different methods that advertisers use to figure out purchasing decisions, it is easy to see how they can convince kids to spend money on the newest cool thing. But targeted marketing to kids for these kinds of products is just part of what advertisers do well. Not only do they want to persuade consumers to spend their money on products, but they also want to influence what and when consumers eat.

Product can catch on, become the In another James Bond next big thing, and spread among the movie, the Philip Morris tobacco company paid groups. The four groups identified more than $350,000 just to have the Bond characby marketers are edges, persuaders, ter smoke Lark cigarettes. followers, and reflexives. In the movie Baby Boom, Huggies diapers paid filmEdges are those who do not follow makers $100,000 to show the rules. They do not like to think of its product in the movie. themselves as ordinary and certainly do not think that they follow fashions and trends.

Hot water poured over oatmeal reveals brightly colored candy pieces and cheese snacks turn a person’s mouth and tongue different colors. These made food more of a plaything than a source of nutrition. Critics worry that kids will never appreciate wholesome, regular food. Juliet B. Shor argues that [m]arketers would have us believe that the purpose of food is to play with it. 3 Connecting food to television shows and even holidays is another method of enticing kids to either buy it or ask for it.

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