Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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9 5 ) and ( 2 . 9 6 ) , for small disturbances, V is equal to the angle of the sideslip and, when wind axes are used, w is equal to the change of incidence in the disturbed flight. 104) . 105) , where 5 is the mean aerodynamic chord of the wing. 106) , where b is the wing span. 110) NON-DIMENSIONAL FORM OF THE EQUATIONS OF MOTION Using the non-dimensional parameters defined above, we can express the equations of motion in non-dimensional form. The coefficients of the various terms in the resulting equations then become independent of the size of the aircraft; comparison between the stability characteristics of large and small aircraft can then be more easily appreciated.

The downwash increases as the distance of the tailplane from the wing decreases. Discuss the effect of this on the tailplane effectiveness and hence on the static stabilitv and the Ditchine moment derivatives. Chapter 4 AERODYNAMIC DERIVATIVES (LATERAL) INTRODUCTION As shown in Chapter 2, there are three basic asymmetric motions of an aircraft: sideslip, roll and yaw. The corresponding velocities are the sideslip velocity V of the centre of gravity 0, the rate of roll p about the axis Ox, and the rate of yaw r about the axis Oz (see Fig.

Since the aircraft is initially in steady flight at constant speed V acting will be equilibrium. Thus, from Fig. 44) 19 Equations of Motion where g x and g2 are given b y E q s . 28) and ( 2 . 2 9 ) . Fig. 5 Forces acting in steady SEPARABILITY OF LONGITUDINAL AND LATERAL flight MOTION From E q s . 7) to ( 2 . 36) to ( 2 . 4 4 ) , we see that the equations of motion for small disturbances can be split up into two groups. 47) = M(t) q = 0 . 48) These equations involve only symmetric disturbances (u the increment in the velocity of 0 along Ox, w the increment in the velocity of 0 along Oz, 0 the angle of pitch, and their derivatives with respect to t ) .

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