Amigurumi by Lan-Anh Bui

By Lan-Anh Bui

The fashion for crocheting lovely characters has swept via Japan and round the world-and now each person can get stuck up during this impossible to resist new pastime. Amigurumi, which accurately ability crocheted filled toy, is quickly, really good, and magnificent enjoyable. It takes quite a few mins to profit the ideas, and its the ideal craft for inventive humans of every age. This fantastically illustrated consultant deals a number inspiring initiatives that includes quirky and adorable creatures. And the directions are specifically effortless to stick to as a result of the innovatively easy crochet charts that accompany the designs.

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4c h. 5mm hook, work 25eh. 25 sts Attach one end to each strawberry. Round Stitches Yarn 15ch B This easily worked and unusual toy can be made in a Why not use up all YOUt oddments and make enough fishy friends to fill a fun aquarium? kaleidoscope of colours. 5cm) long AM IGURU MI Body Rounds 24-26: De around. 16 sts Side fins (make 2) Round I: Using A and MC, work 4 de. Break yarn. and sew up end to close. Round I: Usi ng B and MC, work 4 de. 4 stS 4sts Round 2: 2dc into each st. 8 sts Round Stitches Yam MC4 A 2 8 (inc 4) A 3 12 (inc 4) A 4 16 (lnc 4) A Round J: (2dc in next dc, de In next de) rep around.

35 sts around. 8 sts Round 6: De around. 42 51$ Rounds 6- 12: Dc around. 35 sts Round 12: Dc around. 8 'its Break yarn , leaving a long tail. Round 7: (2de in next de, de in next Round 13: (de in next 3 de, de2tog) 4 de) rep aroun d. 42 sts rep around. 28 sts Rounds 8-15: De around. 42 sts Round I 4: (de in next 2 dc, dc2tog) Round Stitches Yarn MC 4 A 8 (inc 4) A Round 16: (de in next 4 de, de2tog) rep arou nd. 2 1 sts rep aroun d. 35 sts Ro und I 5: De around. c 4) A rep around. 28 sts rep around.

16 sts I A i . - --------. 24 Zi nc 6) A 4 - l~Y:n ~ 'I 12 Zi nc 6) 18 3 rep around. 30 5ts Round 22: (de in next 12 dc, de2tog) MC 6 2 - Round 19: (de in next 15 dc, de2tog) rep around. 32 sts Round 20: (de in next 14 dc. de2tog) 1 I Round 9: (2de i next dc, de in next 15 de) rep around, 34 sts Rounds 10- 18: Dc around. 34 sts Stitches. Round 32 --- 33 I 34 l~5 --' I - - - 12 (dec 2) - 12 6 (dec 6) 3 {dec 3) B i - l i ; B ---< B S 1 B - j B +-: ~ - --1 . Stitch~S t. ~ MC 6 __ , 12 (ine 6) 4 - A I A ( (oc ~) -L---2184-(··inc~ .

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