An Impossible Secret by J. B. Leigh

By J. B. Leigh

An out of this world love. An most unlikely secret.

Brice is the type of man who draws loads of girl realization on campus, yet he hasn't chanced on somebody who he's even remotely attracted to. Then he meets Kerry.

Kerry is invisible - no less than that's the way it feels. Why may a man like Brice ask her out, and what is going to take place while he discovers her mystery?

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Not necessarily more. ” As she spoke the words, Lorna felt a pang of guilt. She knew it wasn’t right to try to wangle better tips. The motto at Farmen’s was to be friendly and courteous to all customers. Besides, it was the Christian way, and Lorna knew better than to do anything other than that. She’d gotten carried away with the need to make more money in less time. Forgive me, Father, she prayed. Chris moved closer to Lorna. “Let me see if I understand this right. You’re single, living rent free with your in-laws, working two jobs, and you need more money?

Lorna shook her head. ” Chris raised her dark eyebrows, giving Lorna a quizzical look. “Real people? ” Lorna frowned. “You don’t have to tell stale jokes in order to make people smile. ” “Thanks for the compliment,” Chris said with a nod. “I think you sell yourself short. ” Lorna moved away, hoping to avoid any more of her friend’s psychoanalyzing, but Chris stepped in front of her, planting both hands on her wide hips. ” Lorna squinted her eyes. ” Chris’s smile was a victorious one. ” Lorna groaned.

What can I say? ” Lorna’s mouth dropped open. Didn’t the guy ever quit? ” The professor pointed at Evan, then motioned toward the risers. “Let’s see how well you can sing. ” Evan shrugged and gave Lorna a quick wink. ” “Don’t mind him,” Professor Burrows whispered to Lorna. ” “Probably both. ” The professor gave Lorna’s shoulder a gentle squeeze and moved to the front of the class. Lorna closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, lifting a prayer of thanks that the day was almost over. She couldn’t believe how stressful it had been.

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