Anatomy & Physiology with Integrated Study Guide, Fourth by Stanley Gunstream

By Stanley Gunstream

Anatomy and body structure : With built-in examine advisor 4TH variation via Stanley E. Gunstream. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company,2010

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11. Triglycerides (fats) consist of three fatty acids bonded to glycerol. Unsaturated fats differ from saturated fats by having one or more double carbon–carbon bonds in their fatty acids. Excess nutrients are stored as fats. 12. Phospholipids consist of two fatty acids and a phosphate-containing group bonded to glycerol. 13. Steroids are an important group of lipids that includes sex hormones and cholesterol. 14. Proteins are large molecules formed of many amino acids. The 20 different kinds of amino acids are distinguished by their R groups.

A basic knowledge of chemistry is necessary for health-care professionals because the human body is composed of chemicals, and the processes of life are chemical interactions. C Atoms and Elements Anything that has weight and occupies space is matter. The entire physical universe, both living and nonliving, is composed of matter. All matter is composed composed of two or more atoms chemically combined. Monosaccharide (mono ϭ one; sacchar ϭ sugar) A simple sugar; a carbohydrate molecule composed of a single saccharide unit.

12 shows four nucleotides that form part of a strand of a nucleic acid. 11 A model of enzyme action. (a) The shape of the substrate and (b) the shape of the enzyme’s active site are complementary and will fit together. (c) The substrate and enzyme combine briefly, enabling a chemical reaction that splits the substrate molecule. (d) The product molecules separate from the enzyme, and (e) the unaltered enzyme may be recycled. 12 Four nucleotides of a nucleic acid molecule. Each nucleotide consists of a 5-carbon sugar, a phosphate group, and an organic base.

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